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Stephanie Lee Harper aka. Super Steph was driving to gig in her signed up van. At a traffic light a car pulled alongside and the man driving enthusiastically waved a balloon sword at her. She could have driven off but she didn't. This strange meeting led to Stephanie creating a business where she recruits, trains, books and takes a cut of the performance fee of Super Hero party characters. Find out the nuts and bolts of ....


running a business model like this and discover the importance of 'outsourcing', whether it is finding people to take extra bookings you have earned or finding people online who will do administrative tasks that you dislike doing. Lots to learn in this information packed episode withe Stephanie Lee Harper.


In This Episode We Discuss:


How to move towards a protected income as an entertainer


Should you create different price points between a magic act and super hero characters


Can you outsource your phone enquiries? Playing to your strengths ... can you actually get someone to take phone bookings because you don't like phone work


Where to find entertainers to be on your books


Who are the best type of people to hire?


Which age is best?


How to interview entertainers for the positions.


How much should you pay 


The first steps you should take to begin outsourcing bookings to other entertainers


Secret Tip to help you secure more bookings



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